How To Visualize Data in a View with Power BI service: Power Platform New Feature

Power BI Visualization of All Opportunity View

Not too long ago I was in a pre-sales call where the customer asked us to show some analytical capability and standard charts where end users can themselves see data in a visual format.

As per a typical script, we started showing Charts, Views, Dashboards, Excel Templates, and of course right in the end Power BI dashboard, but when they asked us who will be doing work in Power BI and can an end-user easily do it? the answer was kind of yes and no. Yes, they can do it its simple and no because not always end-users want the hassle of creating a report in Power Bi Desktop and embedding it in the Model-Driven App. We won the project ( Cheers to the excellent team ) but this was one of the most asked questions by the customer.

Luckily we have a new feature which you can turn on to see Power Bi visualization right by one click no report development is required sounds cool right? 🙂 of-course this is now going to be my must-talk point in presales and demos. so let’s see what this is all about

What is It ?

With this new release, we have a new feature (under preview ) to see data visualization right inside your Custom Model Driven App or Your Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement App. It does not require any report development in Power BI or embedding report from Power BI, all you need is someone to turn on the feature and there you go you can go to any view and visualize the data in Power BI.


To set up this feature you need to turn on the feature using the settings of Power Apps here is step by step how-to guide

Step 1: Edit App

Edit Your App In Preview

Step 2: Turn On Feature

Step 3: Save and Publish

That’s it these are the small three steps you need to take to turn on this amazing feature

How to use it ?

Go to Any view, let’s do some analysis on Opportunity; once you’ve enabled and published your app you’ll see Visualize this view button visible on the toolbar, like the image shown below.

Once you click on the button, based on the view you’ve selected system will auto-generate insight just like magic 🙂

What more we can do? that’s the topic of another post.

so what do you think? did you know about this ? was it helpful? do let me know and also if you have anything to add please free to comment


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