Lessons I learned during multilingual CRM implementation

Recently I did a multilingual Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement implementation, which I thought would be easy given that if you search for how to translate Dynamics crm it give a simple three step process export translation , update translation and important. Sound easy ? I also thought that too until I found myself in a position where I need to keep my laptop open after working hours


Low Code No Code Alternative of Plugin “Record Association”

When a new record gets created in the system first trigger point will get activated and will get all all metadata of the current record , in next step we are list all contact which has the same email address which is mentioned in the current record. In our last and final step we are updating the current record identified from first step output with the contact identified in second step output.

Sales forecast | Prediction and Opportunity Trend | Microsoft Sales

Previously only forecast we had in sales was sales pipeline... Which was our sales pitch in every pre-sales. How management can see revenue in pipeline and how you can take action accordingly. "But now since crm is evolved into AI powered customer engagement , that one single chart is not a very interesting features to …

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