Invite your team to your Dynamics 365 Trail

Do you have a small team?

Are you running out of organization name to create Dynamics 365 trail?

Do you want to share or demonstrate  your work with others?

If yes, then Microsoft introduced just a thing for you, ” Trail Invitation”. Now you and your team don’t have to create multiple users and security roles to let another team use your instance, you can simply invite users by sending them an Invitation mail. Along with this you can also select a Module (Apps) to allow user to use allowed module or you can select all and let them explore everything.

Note: Custom Apps are not applicable you can only select Microsoft Provided Modules (Customer Service, Field Service, Sales, Project Service)

Let’s start


Click on the Help Icon, and then under “About your trial” section, click on  “Add Collegues” . Invite

Type in your colleague’s email address and select the area of interest
Your user will get an email with credential to use the Trail Instance

That’s it. It saves lots of time and allow others to use the instance.

I hope it helped you out, let me know your thoughts.


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